We are an independent leathergoods studio based in San Francisco, USA with the goal of bringing you the best, slim, durable product solutions. 

We always challenge the status quo and will continue to listen, evolve and bring out exciting products.

Socially responsible, environmentally friendly, working with local sustainable suppliers and with a 60-days return policy, you can be assured with a peace of mind that all our products are created at the highest sustainable quality.

We are continuously growing and carrying on the flag for the carry movement. Come join us on our journey. 

However the journey has become so much more, the carry movement has well been underway over the last few years and Disc Wallets is on a mission to be at the forefront of innovation.






Our products are made to inspire the everyday modern world looking for accessibility and freedom in their daily essentials.  

Ethically sourced, we support our local suppliers and passionately create each product by applying top quality craftsmanship in line with our three core principles, Minimalism, Simplism and Exploration.